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Preview of Swann Dive

Swann Dive, Book#1 – A Boston UnCommons Mystery “Swann Dive may have a contemporary setting whose snappy repartée is reminiscent of the comedy-mystery movies of the thirties . . .” A Book Review by New York Journal of Books Cecilia Swann had everything—looks, brains, and money galore. Her love of life was legendary as was her rampant acrophobia. Leaping off a building was the last thing she would ever do, and Eja Kane, her best friend since childhood vows to prove it. She teams up with CeCe’s twin Deming Swann, the scourge of her childhood, to narrow down the suspects and find the truth. Before long, Eja and Deming unleash their own passions as they unravel the trail of a ruthless killer. I always loved the Thin Man movies about the husband and wife sleuthing team of Nick and Nora Charles, so I thought I’d like Arlene Kay’s latest novel, MANTRAP, featuring her latest character creations, Demming Swann and fiancé Eja Kane. I wasn’t disappointed.

Preview of Swann Songs

Eja’s ex-husband just might prove that only death will part them . . .

FOR NEW BRIDE Eja Kane-Swann, revenge is both sweet and deadly. When Gabriel Mann, the ex-husband who kicked her to the curb, begs for help, Eja laughs in his face. Gabriel is involved in a nasty literary spat with a competitor for tenure, and charges of sexism may derail Gabriel’s career. Expect murder, misdirection, and a pinch of glamour as that dazzling duo, Eja and Deming, explore complex motives, political correctness, and academic angst in the rarified air of Cambridge, Massachusetts. This time, Eja’s campaign for justice just might be the death of her.

Epilogue: Sorrel cleared Nadia and surrendered himself to the police. In the months that followed, a hazel-eyed beauty named Cecilia Kane Swann entered the Swann household to the delight of her parents and doting grandparents. As Eja said, “Not all love stories have such happy endings. Life is good.”


Synopsis of Die Laughing
Preview of Die Laughing

DIE LAUGHING – There’s nothing funny about murder. When a vicious murder shatters the peaceful Cape Cod town of Goodhaven, graduate student Nicole Nelson vows to find the culprit. She’s pitted against a cast of quirky local characters with buried secrets and motives aplenty. Did the victim know too much, or did someone covet her fabulous collection of high-end comics? Nicole joins forces with a snobbish lawyer and a gorgeous stranger to avenge her friend and find the murderer.

Man Trap
Preview of Man Trap

Man Trap Book #2 – A Boston UnCommons Mystery Does a victim’s character predict his murder? MANTRAP, the second in the Deming and Eja mystery series explores the nature vs. nurture debate and the enduring power of love amidst violence. Dario Peters, avid cyclist, ardent environmentalist, and heir to a munitions fortune lives the dream, until a nasty spill on a Cape Cod bike trail ends his life. Everyone calls it a tragic accident—except Persus Cantor, Dario’s doting grandma. When psychic Merlot Browne brands it foul play, Aunt Pert begs amateur sleuths Deming Swann and Eja Kane to find Dario’s murderer. Despite misgivings, grumbling and elaborate excuses, Deming is pressed into service. After all, Pert is his mother’s favorite aunt, and family comes first. Eja embraces the challenge. As a mystery writer all deaths seem suspicious to her and she leaps at the opportunity to spend time on a majestic Cape Cod estate with her sizzling fiancé. Bayview, a tranquil seaside village, is seventy miles and several decades removed from bustling Boston. Residents treasure tradition and family values, two things that Dario Peters openly renounced. Case in point was his marriage to Paloma, a study in excess with body parts as suspect as her lineage. Dario’s scheme to rezone staid Bayview into a cycling paradise was another venture that riled locals and investors alike. In old Cape Cod, low-end tourists are a burden to be endured not encouraged.

Preview of Intrusion

INTRUSION – Young widow Elisabeth Buckley sleepwalks through life until her best friend’s murder changes everything. To avenge his death and salve her own conscience, Elisabeth plunges into the high-stakes world of a Boston biotech firm where a ruthless killer stalks his prey. Along with her makeup maven pal Candace, Elisabeth confronts a host of suspects including a randy cardiologist, a cash-strapped scientist and a gorgeous Frenchman who makes her dizzy. Can she find the murderer and reclaim her own life, or is Elisabeth the next victim?

Gilt Trip
Preview of Gilt Trip

Gilt Trip, #3 – A Boston UnCommons Mystery 

Eja Kane is a woman on a mission. The best-selling mystery author seeks the perfect wedding gift for her mega-rich fiancé. When she wanders into Shaolin City, a renown Back Bay dojo, it is kismet. Joined by ally and partner-in-crime, Anika Swann, she embarks on an ambitious self-improvement campaign. Progress is brisk until Eja and Anika stumble over a corpse. Phaedra Jones had a chequered past that included commodities fraud and hanky-panky with every man in sight including Deming Swann’s clients. The dojo seethes with intrigue and buried secrets. Sexy sifu Justin Ming, Master Avery Moore, and one of Boston’s premier families join a long list of suspects with a grudge against the victim. Deming aids Eja and his Mother in a frantic race to save his client while a clever killer watches from the sidelines. They soon find that all that glitters is definitely not gold.

The Abacus Prize
Preview of The Abacus Prize

THE ABACUS PRIZE – Bored to death? Grace Quinn’s first executive assignment may be the death of her! Riding herd on a gang of randy accountants feels like her worst nightmare until murder, international art theft and a nasty tax fraud appear on the agenda. From the Smithsonian Museum to the corridors of power, she pursues rogue CPAs and a priceless Chinese treasure, the Golden Abacus. The gorgeous mystery man who guards the Abacus arouses her passions and suspicions. Is Patrick Fong the answer to a maiden’s prayer or a clever criminal with a taste for violence? Grace must find the answer before the killer liquidates her assets.