WOW!! High praise for SWANN DIVE from best-selling author Carole Bugge (aka CE Lawrence). I’ve long been a fan of her Sherlock Holmes series and the creepy but engaging string of Serial Killer novels featuring hot, brilliant, troubled shrink Dr. Lee Campbell.

Swann Dive has everything – mystery, intrigue, romance, humor, and an appealing protagonist. What sets Kay’s writing apart is her jubilant, energetic voice – Eja Kane is one of the most charming sleuths to come along in a while, someone every woman can relate to. A novelist with a self-described “lackluster” liteary career, she battles her weight as well as sometime boyfriend Deming, who has a taste for beautiful, svelte women. When her best friend, CeCe Swann, misses a brunch appointment with Eja, her irritation turns to concern when she receives a call from a police detective. It turns out CeCe has an unbeatable excuse for not showing up – she was busy being murdered. And it’s up to Eja to find her killer. Arlene Kay brings her considerable skills and signature wit to bear in this delightful new novel – highly recommended!