• PROFIT AND LOSS, a Grace Quinn Mystery

Manhattan is the toughest Federal office in the nation. A demoralized Grace Quinn, abandoned by her lover, Patrick Fong, faces international intrigue, a hostile labor union, outrageous costs, and a greedy murderer who just won’t quit! Controversy surrounds the arrival of Treasury Secretary Raymond Gupta at the United Nations. Nothing’s easy in the Big Apple. Grace must coordinate all the arrangements and deal with the Secretary’s special assistant—Dr. Patrick Fong! Patrick is determined to protect his boss from assassination and ignore his love for Grace. She finds comfort in the arms of super-hot French guy Michael LeRoi. As the threats to Gupta escalate, Grace and her best pal Therese, inch closer to the truth and risk their own lives. Meanwhile, Grace realizes that one of her colleagues is responsible for an audacious fraud and blackmail scheme. Can she unmask the culprit before more lives are lost? 

  • MARRIAGE PENALTY, a Grace Quinn Mystery

In 2009 MARRIAGE PENALTY was selected as a quarter finalist from among 10,000 com.

Everyone loves a wedding — unless it ends in murder. Grace Quinn and Patrick Fong watch in horror as their best friend is slain on his wedding day. Aided by forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Justin Fong, they hunt the villain who took his life. Grace suspects her former boss. With bereaved bride Therese Harding at her side, she pursues a tax protestor, the charismatic leader of an environmental group, and the scion of a wealthy family. Their adventures turn Washington D.C. on its side and bring the sleuths perilously close to an untimely end. Patrick and Grace face questions about their own future and the real implications of the Marriage Penalty.

  • BALANCE SHEET, a Grace Quinn Mystery

Love hurts. When Patrick Fong is caught cheating, Grace Quinn needs some space. She flies to Houston to assist macho manager Bobby McEnroe with a tough problem. She’s on familiar turf: she first arrived there as a young bride and subsequently found her calling at work. Energy conglomerate SOLSUN is in big trouble. They owe millions to the IRS, and can’t seem to pay it. Accompanied by her former lover Charles Jackson and a host of Tax guys, Grace confronts the company elite. Her close friend Mary Alice Ward has a different problem. She’s a part-time realtor and call girl with very close ties to SOLSUN. When the CEO is poisoned, Mary Alice is arrested. Graces vows to exonerate her friend and find out what’s really happening at SOLSUN. The list of suspects includes Grace’s brutal ex-husband, a lipstick lesbian, and Bobby Mac himself. The Texas sized tempest brings Grace to the brink of disaster and to a new understanding with Patrick.

  • Legal Tender, a Grace Quinn Mystery

Grace and Patrick Fong hit Boston’s Freedom trail! Grace is assigned to the Andover Service Center where a nasty scandal is brewing. Someone’s staging a phony refund scheme that’s costing the Treasury millions of dollars. Is it an IRS insider or a clever scam orchestrated by a former tax attorney? Meanwhile, Patrick Fong agrees to teach Asian politics at Harvard’s JFK School of government in order to keep an eye on his wife and pursue some other lines of inquiry. He and Grace settle down in the leafy Boston suburb of Andover with dogs in tow, trying to penetrate that legendary New England reserve and sort out their future plans.

  • Casualty Loss, a Grace Quinn Mystery

Grace Quinn-Fong has a new life far away from the gaping maw of big government. She happily focuses on her family and writing career until a plea from an old friend brings her right back into the fray.
The Treasury Executive Association of Retirees (TEAR) convenes in Chicago to honor her old nemesis, Chester Masio. No one likes the old reprobate especially Grace. When he unearths a nest of current and past misdeeds, the crowd goes ballistic. Even no nonsense Tax collectors have some secrets to conceal!

No one’s surprised when a corpse shows up, mangled by an ice pick. Soon Grace faces ghosts from her past and a very determined murderer from the present. With the help of Dr. Patrick Fong, and a slightly jaded police Lieutenant, she scales a rocky ridge of deception and death. Before it’s over, her jaunt to the Windy City just may blow her away.

  • DEATH BENEFITS, a Grace Quinn Series 

In 2010 DEATH BENEFITS, was selected as a finalist in the Daphne Du Maurier competition sponsored by KISS OF DEATH Chapter of Romance Writers of America.

Politics, adultery, mayhem. Grace Quinn Fong hits the trifecta! She had the perfect life—until her husband’s lover was murdered. Now everything in her carefully constructed world comes crashing down when the police target Patrick Fong as their prime suspect. He’s every woman’s dream: brilliant, rich and smoking hot. Unfortunately, he’s also a babe magnet summa cum laude with a roving eye. He vowed he’d never touch another woman but Grace has her doubts. Her husband becomes the leading candidate for daddy dearest when the victim’s pregnancy is revealed.

Jai-ling Chow was a media darling. Her position with the Senate Foreign Relations Committee gave her gravitas. Good looks, breeding and erudition made her a star. No one dreamed she’d be another in the city’s endless string of murder victims, bathed in blood with her throat slit. Grace loathed her rival, a husband-stealing hussy who wouldn’t give up. National security aside, she agonizes over two questions: who murdered Jai-ling, and who fathered her child?


  • SURVIVING SPOUSE, a Grace Quinn Series

Divorce is an empty, ugly word. Since she sent her faithless spouse packing, Grace Quinn-Fong knows the reality of that. Suddenly, Patrick Fong reappears and her well ordered life goes topsy-turvy. The Fongs move their entire ménage to Cape Cod for a spot of seaside marriage therapy and contemplation. It seems to work—until the murders start.

Peaceful Goodharbor, Massachusetts is shattered when Leonard Nick returns to the fold with his wife darling Nora. He’s a local boy made good, a mini-Madoff who absconded with the life’s savings of half the town. Now he’s back and the quiet streets of Goodharbor seethe with rage.
The Fongs shrug it off until Grace stumbles over a corpse on the beach. The bucolic charm of Cape Cod wears thin when another murder happens and several prominent citizens succumb to blackmail. Grace and Patrick use their sleuthing skills to unmask a surprisingly bold killer who savages anyone in the way.