Civility–the Lost Art
I welcome the influx of tourists to Cape Cod.Frankly it’s heartening to see a livelier crowd for a change. Crowds don’t bother me. I’m essentially a city person who happily lived in NYC, Boston, DC, Tampa, Chicago,Houston, Dallas, and Detroit.
Do you sense a caveat coming up?
What I abhor is the maddening belief on the part of many that Vacation is an elevated state that absolves one from the constraints of civility. Little things like observing stop signs, waiting one’s turn, opening doors and yes– smiling–are lost in a mad dash to optimize leisure time. And don’t get me started on bicyclists, those foolhardy souls bent upon reaching their final reward prematurely.
An incident today proves the point: While minding my own business at the market I was gored by the shopping cart of a leathery skinned woman who should have avoided shorts under penalty of death. She NEVER stopped, apologized or acknowledged me. Instead, she bellowed: “Frankie–did you get the PINO? The PINO, Frankie.”
I hope so. That poor man deserves a drink!!